Saturday, March 3, 2012

Green Gifting Ideas

Green Gifting is an emerging trend that results in a lower environmental impact as well as a lower impact on personal budgets from the gift giving process. It began with the idea of recycling the packaging around a gift and has expanded into the mindset that presents themselves can be chosen or created for the purpose of recycling or lowering their environmental and budgetary impact. (Source: Wikipedia)
The concept of re-gifting is not uncommon and has traditionally been followed upon. Some of the Green Gifting ideas are as follows:
  1. Gift something which is based on green or eco-friendly concept like Organic Food and Cosmetics, Solar Products etc.
  2. Use recycled wrapping paper, bows, or gift bags.
  3. Substitute newspaper or cloth for wrapping paper. 
  4. Create a present by hand.
  5. Give a pass or tickets of local zoo, museum, or state and national park.
  6. Search online for additional creative ideas.

Take steps to be in the "Green Bandwagon".

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